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About privacy
Why this website?
I cannot find my language
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Welcome to our familiy website ! 


If you just come around, here a shorthand summary: You can see all persons - dead for more than 20 years - with their live data, events, family relations and places. You see only some sources of our informations, many of them are of private nature and thus hidden from you. Also you don't see stories and pictures.

Please email for more information, I will for sure help you.


If you are related in some way to our family - as farfetched as it may be - first of all we become informal. 

You apply for membership (please!) and eventually supply necessary missing links. I am glad about every family member joining in - even if you only want to take a closer look at the picture collection or evaluate any relationships - and will approve your membership. Then you will see the all we have and (knowing mewink) I will try to get much information about your immediate family and pictures. Everybody should have a face here - it makes the site's appeal.

I am so insolent and use data and pictures from all available sources. Please correct any errors and send me the desired portrait, I happily correct and replace.

Everyone can request that his picture, his name or any other information be hidden from family members too. (happened already) For visitors or search machines we (the living ones) are invisible anyway.



About privacy

We are very serious if it comes to privacy. The Host resides in Germany, connections are encrypted, the software has all sorts of privacy mechanisms. 

Visitors can see deceased people, which went more than 20 years ago.This is in order to help investigators finding matches to their ancestors. (and by chance getting to know 'far away' family members) 

Only family members get inside - who have a common interest in not wanting to be spied out and finding their pictures in Google Images. But:


Each member may and can fetch contents down to his whim.

We all are depending on each one of you: you must treat our data strictly CONFIDENTIAL!

If you publish parts of them in own family trees you have to name as your source and are responsible for following privacy rules at least as stricht as ours.

Commercial use is strictly forbidden. facebook, Google+ et al are no go!


Why this website?
It started all with me being a visual type and collecting photos and pictures since I can remember.
Genealogy: About 2001 I started collecting in genealogy - together with my father and his 'Ariernachweis' (a speciality of the 'Dritte Reich' - in order to get a wedding allowance you had to prove having 5 generations of 'arian' ancestors). 
Then many family members contributed with their data and photos. The most remarkable single contribution came from Georg Groh posthumously.
Technique: Soon a vast amount of pictures and data accumulated. Being a computer scientist I started to 'electrify' my collection trying to use the computer to better represent and make accessible our collection. (("To him who has only a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail." zites Joseph Weizenbaum Abraham Kaplan)) 
Soon I was able to do some tricks with Excel (this or that). But there was one big flaw: whenever I wanted to share something, I had to printout, cut, paste and mail something. On top of that all the data kept changing all the time. So the 'familie' database went online early in 2010; and I expected much progress.
Goals: Share the data and make them accessible. These are partially achieved. Each member can readily lookup something or fetch some contents. Collaboration with other researchers has proved very valuable, but didn't exceed a limited scope; no 'facebook-effect' happened - among other reasons because I insist on checking and releasing changes.
Publishing data of ancestors happened in the hope of getting contacts to formerly unknown family members. That proved successful so far.
As to the main goal to better represent and make accessible I still have hope.Webtrees has fine functionalities like Lists, (here for example the place hierarchy), diagrams like  Statistics  or Relationships. In 'Extras' you find among others my 'Album' with some special compilations such as many wedding photos. Having a biased view I cannot really judge the status.
Btw: The Internet proved very useful. See for example the 'Hohe USA (2011)'.story.
Who is in it: First my ancestors, followed by my descendants and their ancestors. In the meantime the same is true for my grandchildren. Then as far as possible the descendants of the ancestors, the 'live family'. And whenever a member wants to add his family, I gladly accept. I don't say 'no'.
Important: As 'familie' grows, sources become ever more important. It would be phantastic, if each data entry in the database could be checked against reliable sources. In practice that is only feasible with ancestors. Status today is that for many of the living people there are no sources except my personal knowledge. And there are sources like "D'Anni hat g'sagt" (As Anni told me).
Most Important: Each family member should be content with the data displayed to the other members.



There often are links to Sources in the Internet. Most of them work, some don't.

Please inform me of these!

Exception: some links to show 

Explore the record match you just found – and much more – when you join

instead of the expected information. I already know that oneangry.

I cannot find my language

Sorry. To simplify things, I left out Arabic, Vietnamese, Turkish and so on.

Just email me and I will add your language (if supplied by webtrees)

Error: - The file “1814 Hans Meier Foto.jpg” does not exist. -

(any filename)

Two possible cases:

1. Picture must be hidden, shall be replaced by a dummy 'Bild darf leider nicht gezeigt werden'.

2. Picture missing

In both cases I appreciate your feedback and will correct the problem.

Google Maps doesn't show a map / place is in the South Atlantic

(shouldn't happen any more) 

presumably because of missing location data. (no map: no data. South Atlantic: coordinates are N0 E0 - Greenwich meridian meets equator) 

Some locations are wrong, 3 unknown. Help me by reporting errors! 

Place hierarchy: Is there no system?

there is one, but not the same for all countries. 

In the USA we use the common structure of 'USA, state, county, city'. 

German Bundesländer include Bayern (without Franken) and Franken. (Franken got the extra status because of the big number of places)

Historic Pommern and Schlesien, Ostpreussen now are in Poland,
historic Böhmen, Mähren and Czech Silesia in the Czech Republic.


Finally there is ? country. (not yet assigned and eventually will never be)

Picture Resolution is poor

For many pictures you can query a better resolution per email. Many documents and family pictures have reduced size (and resolution) for sake of faster display